Wet Cat Food

Wet cat food can be a healthy and beneficial choice for cats, especially when used as part of a balanced diet. It is a type of cat food that comes in a moist or canned form, mixed with water or broth to create a soft texture that is easy for cats to eat.

Wet cat food generally has a higher moisture content than dry cat food, which can help keep cats hydrated, this is especially important for cats that don’t drink enough water on their own, which can lead to dehydration and urinary tract issues.

The soft texture of wet cat food is easier for cats to digest than dry cat food, which can be beneficial for cats with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues.

Nutrient balance: Wet cat food is often formulated to provide a complete and balanced diet for cats, with all the nutrients they need to thrive. This can be especially important for cats that have health issues and are prone to nutrient deficiencies.


Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food is a popular option among pet owners due to its convenience, affordability, and long shelf life. Dry cat food is typically made from a mixture of ingredients such as meat, grains, vegetables, and vitamins, which are then formed into small, bite-sized kibbles.

Dry cat food comes in a variety of flavors and formulations, catering to the specific nutritional needs of cats of different ages and health conditions. For example, there are kitten-specific formulas, senior formulas, urinary health formulas, and skincare formulas.

Additionally, some dry cat foods are designed for cats with allergies or sensitivities, offering limited ingredient options or grain-free formulations.

While wet food is often praised for its high moisture content, dry cat food can also help support a cat’s overall health and hydration when served with plenty of fresh water.

Dry cat food is a convenient and versatile option for pet owners looking to provide their cats with a complete and balanced diet.


The story of our cat food brand began with a simple mission: to deliver your pets the finest, most nutritious food they deserve to have. Our founder, a passionate cat lover, recognized a gap in the market for high-quality, natural cat food that didn’t break the bank. With this in mind, he set out to create a brand that would offer cats a healthy and delicious diet without compromising on quality.

What is Holistic Cat Food?

Pets are the perfect companions for humans, and cats are one of the most popular types of pet that grabs the heart of people. We treat our beloved cats like our family and care about their shelter, meal, cleanliness and healthiness. Cats are different from humans; they can not differentiate what to do and swallow to keep themselves healthy. Therefore, this vital task has to be responsible by every shit shovel officer to ensure that cats consume foods that are not harmful to them and comprise essential nutrients a cat needs.

As we all know, cats are carnivores in nature. They prefer diets containing meat rather than vegetables and grains (grains might cause an allergic reaction in cats), and feeding cats can be difficult as they are finicky eaters. Commonly, cats are provided with dry cat food kibbles as their main diet and are given some wet foods and snacks occasionally. This means that cats obtain nutrients solely from the dry kibbles. Hence choosing the right kibbles is the key to safeguarding your cat’s overall health.

  • I have a picky eater, but she loves Rich Choice Holistic cat food. I'm so glad I found a brand that not only meets her dietary needs but also satisfies her finicky taste buds!

  • I appreciate that Rich Choice Holistic cat food is made with natural ingredients and free from any fillers or artificial additives. It gives me peace of mind knowing that I'm providing my cat with high-quality, wholesome nutrition.

  • My cat has struggled with digestive issues in the past, but since switching to Rich Choice Holistic cat food, she's had fewer stomach problems. I attribute this to the food's gentle, easily digestible ingredients.

  • Rich Choice Holistic cat food is packed with protein, which is essential for maintaining my cat's muscle mass and keeping her active and healthy. She's always eager to play and explore, and I know her diet plays a big role in that.

  • I love that Rich Choice Holistic cat food is made with real meat as the first ingredient. It makes me feel good knowing that I'm feeding my cat a diet that is closer to what she would eat in the wild.

  • Since switching to Rich Choice Holistic cat food, my cat has had better breath and overall dental health. I think this is because the food's crunchy texture helps clean her teeth and remove plaque buildup.

  • Rich Choice Holistic cat food is a great choice for cats with food sensitivities or allergies. The brand offers a variety of different recipes, so it's easy to find one that works for your cat's specific dietary needs.

  • I appreciate that Rich Choice Holistic cat food is formulated to provide a balanced and complete diet for cats. It takes the guesswork out of feeding my cat and ensures that she's getting all the nutrients she needs to thrive.

  • I've noticed that my cat seems more satisfied and full after eating Rich Choice Holistic cat food than with her previous diet. I think this is because the food is more nutrient-dense and doesn't contain any empty calories or fillers.

  • Since switching my cat to Rich Choice Holistic cat food, I've noticed a significant improvement in her coat's shine and overall health. She seems much happier and more energetic than she used to be!